Laser Cutting & Stamping of a Fire Seal for the Aerospace Industry

Customers in the aerospace industry rely on North Central Stamping & Manufacturing, Inc., to provide zero-defect, ready-to-use parts for critical applications. We produced the fire seal shown here for use within an aircraft engine. The multi-step process began with stamping and laser cutting high performance Inconel. Chosen for its ability to withstand extreme temperature and high pressure conditions, it is a tough, hardened material that is notoriously difficult to work with, and the fabrication processes required tight controls and consistent monitoring.

In addition to spot welding, tumbling, and heat treating, secondary operations consisted of applying a stiff and dense tungsten carbide coating and marking parts to meet AS 478 supply chain traceability requirements. Dimensional inspection revealed that we manufactured the fire seals, which featured dimensions of 2.34” in length and 3.327” in width, to within .050” tolerances. We individually bagged the 5,000 units in corrosion resistant packaging and shipped them to the customer. Their superior quality construction is guaranteed to prevent the propagation of fire and maintain flight safety.

Additional information can be found in the table below. Contact us at any time for further detail or to discuss your application.

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