Stamping & Fabrication of an Airplane Door Latch for the Aerospace Industry

North Central Stampings & Manufacturing, Inc. has the just-right blend of metalworking, finishing, assembly, and inspection capabilities to meet the rigorous quality demands of the aerospace industry. We manufactured the airplane door latch shown here utilizing a variety of skills and technology, which afforded the customer the convenience of having the product delivered, individually bagged and ready for use.

We used stainless steel, aluminum, and rubber, primary operations consisted of fabricating, stamping, and finish machining the components. Our cutting edge equipment gave us fine control of final form, enabling us to produce the parts with tight accuracy and consistent repeatability. We executed secondary processes including spot welding, heat treating, anodizing, and painting. The application of magnesium phosphate coating supplied additional wear protection and the right degree of lubricity to ensure long-term performance. Both penetrant and magnetic inspections confirmed that there was no surface or sub-surface defects that would compromise performance or cause premature failure. Over a 12-14 week time span we manufactured 1000 of these components, which featured overall dimensions of 1.618” in width and 3.230” in length, to within tight ±.0025” tolerances.

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